What is meant by Executive Search? What is the Process for Finding the Best Candidates?

The definition of executive search is a selection process (recruitment & selection) of candidates or candidates at various levels in a company based on a certain process. This process is very important to attract superior and best quality human resources.

The main goal of the selected candidates is to advance the company with their performance. Asterokid is a website that provides information about specific things like this, so stay tuned!

Explanation and How to Find the Best Candidates in the Company

Executive search is a long process, not just looking for candidates or selecting them. However, you also need to pay attention to various things, such as the combination of staff and superiors.

A synergistic and good combination will support the company's aspirations in advancing it. These are some of the executive selection processes that are commonly used.

What is meant by Executive Search? What is the Process for Finding the Best Candidates?
What is meant by Executive Search?

1. Collect Required Candidate Data

The aim is to process and analyze databases related to registered candidates. Check and recheck and cross-check/cover both sides are also carried out so that the data presented is truly valid.

Including work experience, educational history, and so on will be processed at this stage.

2. Selective and Wise Applicant Selection

The applicant selection process takes the form of follow-up actions which, based on mature data, will select the correct candidates, which are potential candidates and which are not yet ready. Automatically the number of applicants at this stage will decrease. Selection is also carried out by giving written tests and interviews.

3. Eliminate Applicants Who Do Not Meet Standards

The goal is to narrow down the list of candidates. Some of the stages above are filters, so that those who pass or leave are superior human resources by what the company wants. Elimination of applicants is carried out after all selection stages are completed.

4. Comprehensive Assistance for All Applicants

The goal is to create good synergy between staff and those above them. Providing superior human resources with integrity for the company's progress. As well as making accepted applicants truly ready to work loyally and totally.

Please note that each executive search often has a different method or process. The process taken has been tested and is more effective and efficient if used. That's all the information about the process of looking for potential candidates in job applications and the definition of executive search as a long process.

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