Investing in the New Normal Period for Your Financial Security

Deposits offer various advantages in the economic uncertainty of the new normal period. The reason is, that deposits are considered the most attractive and safe investment product. Meanwhile, the new normal, or what is known as the new habit is the gradual opening of economic activities by paying attention to health protocols.

In the new normal or transitional PSBB phase, the government hopes that the wheels of the stalled economy will turn again. Thus, you must arrange your financial plans carefully to achieve your financial goals after the COVID-19 pandemic ends. One of the most popular is investing using term deposits.

Investing in the New Normal Period for Your Financial Security
Investing in the New Normal Period for Your Financial Security

Understand about term deposits before starting to invest

Deposits are defined as saving activities. However, customers cannot withdraw their deposits at any time. This is due to the existence of a certain period (tenor) for disbursing customer deposits. Usually, this term is valid for 2 years, 12 months, 6 months, 3 months, or 1 month. In addition, the deposit term can be extended automatically.

Customers also have the opportunity to use deposits in rupiah or foreign currency. On the other hand, deposits are credit collateral for urgent needs. Deposits are also suitable for achieving future financial plans. So, are you interested in using deposits as an investment product? For example, deposits. 

Deposits are considered an attractive and safe investment product

So, what makes deposits attract the attention of most people? Of course, because it is considered an attractive investment and has a good level of security. Especially regarding the interest rates that banks offer. In general, deposit interest is higher than regular savings. Deposit security is also guaranteed by deposit insurance institutions.

So, invest immediately using term deposits from now on

It is best if you immediately start investing using a term deposit product. You will get various benefits, one of which is through offering attractive interest rates. Apart from that, investments are also guaranteed by deposit insurance institutions and the government.

Deposits provide people with other benefits, namely various flexible withdrawal options. You can ask the bank to send deposit interest through your account. So, don't hesitate to start investing using deposit products at your bank.

So, what interest rates are offered on deposit investments? The bank applies interest rates starting from 6% for a nominal value of 650 USD if using a 1-month tenor. The interest value increases as the investment size and tenor used increase.

Please note that banks provide deposit terms (tenors) ranging from 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months, and can be extended automatically. So, you can adjust the tenor according to your financial plans and needs. In this way, financial plans for going through the new normal period will become more controllable.

For example, you invest 650 USD for college next year. So, it is best to choose a 12-month tenor with an interest rate of 7.25%. Thus, you will earn around 45 USD in interest when withdrawing.

Once you understand the most attractive and safe investment products in the new normal period, you should immediately organize your finances to achieve your financial goals in the future. Don't let the COVID-19 pandemic put your future at risk. The reason is, that you can prevent this by using deposit investment products.

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