How to Speed up a Secure Internet Connection

The internet is an important part of surfing to know the development of the world, so speeding up internet connection is also very important. As a society living in an era where everything can be accessed via the internet, of course, you don’t want to be left behind with the latest updates just because of a bad connection. A bad connection will slow down work and activities.

The most comfortable place when surfing the internet is home. However, often the internet at home slows down without you understanding the cause. As a result, surfing activity changes the mood for the worse. Then, how to keep the internet connection at home stable and smooth? What should be done?

Speed Up Internet Connection by Reducing Browser Tabs

How to Speed up a Secure Internet Connection
How to Speed up a Secure Internet Connection

Internet speed has a big effect on the activities you open the browser. This is certainly annoying, is not it? Especially if you are in a position to do assignments or complete office work. It’s not impossible that the slow loading process makes you angry and becomes more unfocused.

Even so, have you understood that one of the causes of slowing down the internet network is caused by too many open tabs? Maybe it’s true that your goal is to open multiple tabs to make work easier. This relieves you because you don’t have to open the same tabs again and wait for the process to load again.

Even so, having many tabs opened has a big effect on stable internet speed. You don’t want this to happen, do you? Well, therefore it would be nice to pay attention to the number of tabs that are opened. The goal is that your internet network connection remains stable and smooth.

Ensure Internet Antivirus is Always Updated

Antivirus is an important part of a device. Having an antivirus will make devices, for example, laptops and Androids, lighter at work. In addition to speeding up the work of the device, it turns out that the existence of an antivirus also affects the speed of the internet network.

Given that antivirus has an effect on internet speed, you need to update it regularly. The existence of an update will make the antivirus stronger in warding off viruses that enter both the laptop and the network used. It is possible that the internet network is actually not slow, but because the laptop is filled with viruses, the speed is unstable.

Affected WiFi Router Elevation

Have you ever thought that the location or position of the router has a strong effect on the speed provided by your internet network? If not, then now is the time for you to find out. So, the location of the WiFi router, both in an inappropriate place or at an altitude, may hinder the signal from entering the laptop or device used.

Pay close attention to the placement of the WiFi router as one of the steps to speed up the internet connection. Stable speed will affect the results of your work. the important part is that there is a mismatch in the location of the router, even a little bit turns out to have a big effect. So, roughly where is the most strategic location so that the speed can be smooth and stable?

The exact height and position will matter, for example, it is best to place the router where nothing is obstructing it. Obstacles such as items piled up and scattered also have an effect. In addition, you need to know if you live in a house surrounded by cast or concrete. This kind of thing will greatly affect the internet connection.

In order for the internet connection to remain secure, it would be nice to place the WiFi router in the most appropriate place. Not somewhere surrounded by concrete and such. Now, to speed up the internet connection to make it smoother, place the router adjacent to the area you use most often to work. The distance between the router and the device will be very influential.

Reducing the Number of Users Connected to the Internet

After talking about WiFi routers, now another important part is the number of users. Have you ever been to a place that is visited a lot, for example, an office, bank, or cafe where free internet access is available? What is the state of the number of users and connection speed provided? The more visitors, of course, the slower.

Speeding up the internet connection is important to pay attention to the type of internet connection sufficient for how many users it is related to the speed that will be provided. If internet users exceed the target they should be, what happens is the slowness earlier. Well, this becomes the easy part if the internet you are installing is only for the home area. You can restrict users by setting them in settings.

Oh yes, apart from users, one of the causes of interrupted internet or WiFi access is downloading large files. This could affect the speed and stability of the network. The most appropriate way to avoid connection speed when surfing the internet is to delay downloads until browsing needs are finished.

Well, how? Already understands ways not to get angry easily because of a slow network right? Remember, work is not for trial and error. One way to speed up an internet connection is to increase bandwidth so that it is smooth and secure.

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