Get to Know Galvalume Domes and GRC, and Their Advantages

The dome is an important part of the mosque building, this is the reason why cheap Galvalume and (Glassfiber Reinforced Cement) GRC dome services are becoming popular. Especially for mosques that stand with typical Middle Eastern architecture. Almost all use domes and the basic materials vary. For example Galvalume and GRC.

Galvalume and GRC are two domes with different materials and shapes. Domes made of galvalume will be easier than GRC. Apart from that, it is also more economical. Meanwhile, the GRC dome seems sturdy and strong. What are the important things to pay attention to about these two dome materials? Check out the following.

Understanding What Galvalume Domes are, Which are Popular as a Basic Material

Galvalume domes are a type of light dome that is quite easy to set up, both in terms of art and interior. Even though it is light, basically the galvalume material for this dome has gone through a durability test so it is safe to use. This material is very suitable for use in coastal areas.

The material used by Galvalume is a mixture of aluminum and zinc. The comparison is 45% for zinc and 55% for aluminum. However, not all galvalume has the same combination of ingredients.

Get to Know Galvalume Domes and GRC, and Their Advantages

What are the advantages of galvalume domes?

Even though the galvalume dome is light and makes the room feel a little hot because it has a combination of zinc. This type of dome also has several advantages that need to be taken into account. As a consideration for choosing the best dome, pay attention to the following advantages of domes made from galvalume.

1. More heat resistant

The dome is the highest and rises upwards. This allows the dome to face various types of unpredictable weather more often so that it sometimes changes color or fades easily. To anticipate this, the basic material galvalume has the property of being able to withstand heat up to a temperature of 300 degrees.

This Galvalume Dome is not only made from zinc but also has a mixture of aluminum. This allows the dome made from Galvalume to be more resistant to heat. Aluminum has properties that do not peel easily, allowing the dome to retain its color even though it is exposed to rain and heat.

2. Not easy to rust

As has been said, the position of the dome which is towards its height can certainly always be met with various kinds of weather. Dome materials made from zinc will change color more easily, for example, rusting. This is the advantage of galvalume material because it has a mixture of aluminum so it makes the dome more durable and does not experience corrosion.

It is said that this type of dome is recommended for several mosques close to the beach because it does not rust easily. The layered material creates the impression of excellent protection from the Galvalume dome. However, the price offered for this dome seems more economical

3. Light and resistant to weather changes

On the other hand, compared to lightweight materials, galvalume is more resistant when facing various kinds of weather changes. When hot, the paint color does not fade easily. Likewise, when it rains, Galvalume also has the advantage of not leaking easily. What's more important is that when shocks such as earthquakes occur, which are relatively small, no damage occurs.

Get to Know The Basic Materials of GRC For Mosque Domes

Cheap Galvalume and GRC Dome services have spread to many countries. Different from Galvalume, GRC is a dome material that comes from lightweight concrete. GRC itself is a material that comes from mixing glass fiber consisting of fine sand, polymer, cement, water, acrylic, and aggregate as well as glass fiber.

The GRC material which is lighter than concrete in general makes many people prefer it. Apart from that, GRC material is also very suitable for use in tropical areas and is resistant to fungi and termites. This allows for easier maintenance of GRC domes.

What are the advantages of GRC material domes?

The GRC dome is a dome that has recently been widely used by the public. one of the reasons is that the material used is made of lightweight concrete. This allows the dome to be stronger but still look beautiful and majestic. To find out in more detail the advantages of GRC domes, see below.

1. Made from lightweight materials

As the abbreviation suggests, GRC is Glassfiber glass fiber-reinforced concrete, so the basic material is lightweight concrete. The use of lightweight concrete can make the structure more flexible. This flexible property is of course very good when resisting shocks, for example, earthquakes. This is different from real concrete which is strong but also heavy, because the risks posed are also greater.

2. More sturdy

Compared to domes made of zinc, GRC has a higher level of sturdiness. Lightweight concrete or fiber materials can withstand heavier loads than zinc. On the other hand, lightweight concrete materials also make GRC domes possibly more resistant to weather changes. Colors are longer lasting and brighter.

3. Has a more precise shape

Domes made from GRC materials will be built in different places. This allows the construction or installation of GRC domes to be faster. When compared to building a dome manually, of course, this dome has more economic value both in terms of time and finances.

Apart from that, GRC domes can also be shaped according to various models. This is because this dome is made by printing. Making it using a printing process certainly makes this dome look neater and more beautiful. The GRC dome also has a variety of very modern motifs to choose from.

Choosing Between Galvalume or GRC Domes?

As explained above, both Galvalume and GRC domes have the advantages of being lighter and corrosion-resistant. The best and highest quality materials make these two materials the right choice for mosque domes. You can choose Cheap Galvalume and GRC Dome Services according to your suitability and needs.

So is it better to use a dome made of Galvalume or GRC? This of course depends on each individual's needs and the location of the region. Galvalume material will be suitable for use in coastal areas. Meanwhile, GRC material is also suitable for use in earthquake-prone areas. Although it cannot be denied that both have quality materials.

Choose Cheap Quality Galvalume and GRC Dome Services

After knowing the differences between Galvalume and GRC domes, the next step is to choose the best manufacturer. This service has developed widely throughout the region so it is not difficult to find it. However, how to choose the right one for your needs? Pay attention to the following.

  1. The first thing to pay attention to is choosing a dome service by looking at previous results. If the previous results are of good quality, then the service can be used as a reference.
  2. Apart from seeing the finished results of the service, another thing you can do is take references from previous users. Every customer has their comments. Ask the right and trusted people.
  3. If you are sure, now is the final step you can take. Check the raw materials used. It could be that improper raw materials or mixing will reduce the quality of Galvalume and GRC.

So, are you sure which dome material to use? Both Galvalume and GRC certainly have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Everyone tends to use one of them. Choose the best and best quality cheap Galvalume and GRC dome services.

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