10 Ways to Make Our Children Confident

Tips for making children happy and confident must be taken into account. The reason is, that every happy child also gives extraordinary, beautiful happiness to its mother. That's why if the child is happy, the mother also feels the same way, you are connected with sincere and tender hearts.

So, on this occasion, Asterokid will provide tips for achieving that great goal. Therefore, mothers should read carefully, slowly, and until the end of this article.

How to Make Children Happy and More Confident

Becoming a happy mother is simple, for example by having children. But you will be much happier if your child is confident. Especially for children under three years of age.

10 Ways to Make Our Children Confident
Ways to Make Our Children Confident

1. Always smile so that children feel comfortable

The first and most basic tip for making children confident is that mothers must smile. Especially when talking to your child, when the child approaches, even when the mother may not be feeling well. A mother has to be strong, so save problems if there are any, and don't take it out on your child.

2. Say words of affection sincerely

Words of affection will make a child's heart tremble, how could it not be, these words come from the mother who loves her child. Apart from that, words of affection will grow children's self-confidence and make children feel needed. That way, your child will be very happy and confident.

3. Accompany Play Gently Every Time

The next tip to make your child happy is to give your mother time for her. For example, by accompanying him to play something he likes. That way the child will get attention from his beloved mother. He became more confident in his abilities because he could show something.

4. Listen when children talk

When listening to children talk, you also need tips, Mom. For example, always smiling, looking into his eyes with affection, and hugging or holding his hand to make him more intimate. Most children always get along better with their mothers than their fathers.

5. Ask for Interactive Communication

Want your child to become more confident over time? If the child has started to grow up and can talk then encourage him to communicate. Oh yes, don't use baby talk, Mom. According to research, baby talk makes it difficult for children to communicate. Childhood is a time for recording, so just use common language that is direct, clear, and of course gentle, full of affection.

6. Showing Good New Things

Mothers can also invite children to play in the garden, teach them to cook food and introduce various items and their uses. There are lots of activities at home that can increase the happiness of children and their mothers.

7. Give children a happy surprise

The surprise given is a good lesson, but don't give harsh punishment. The problem is that punishment for young children can damage their mental and brain development. It's really dangerous, Mom, as a mother you have to be patient and have a broad heart.

8. Don't fight with your husband in front of your children

When you have a problem with your husband, solve the problem privately. For example, when your child is asleep, don't let go of all your frustration when your child sees him. That could be a bad impression, you know.

9. Don't scold him in a high tone

Getting angry and speaking in a high tone increases children's fear, anxiety, and worry. Mom is a strong mother, so save your anger first. Children indeed like to be naughty, try to give them guidance in the right way, full of affection. Don't you want small mistakes now to have a huge impact on growth?

10. Rub with Affection to Show Care

Tips for making children happy and confident by touching hands and other bodies. Of course, with a soft and warm touch. For warmth for children, this is to show concern for them.

By following all these tips, your child will gradually become happy and confident. Mothers will also feel the same way, you know. So follow these tips to make your child happy and confident from Telon Lang, keep your spirits up, Mom!

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