Basic Excel Menu and How to Customize the Ribbon

Every basic Excel menu operation requires an introduction to the various sections. Starting from the menu, sub-menu, and features and functions. For a more advanced level, you can use the keyboard combination keys to perform a command. It’s faster and easier as long as you understand it right.

Understanding the menu is the first step. Like someone who is studying mathematics, learning Excel requires patience.

The fun thing is, you can practice all of these jobs on your own by continuing to pay attention to our tricks and tips. Don’t be mistaken in saying which is the menu and which is the command.

Basic Excel Menu and How to Customize the Ribbon
Basic Excel Menu and How to Customize the Ribbon

Easy Basic Excel Menu Explanation

In the basic Excel menu, there is also a menu that must be known. The location of the menu is above the command, while the command is also referred to as a submenu. The main menu in Excel includes File, Home, Insert, Page Layout, Formulas, Data, Review, and View. While each menu will have a variety of different commands.

There are various kinds of commands that are often used. Most commands have a combination keyboard key for quicker access.

So every time you use a command, pay attention to the combination key by holding the cursor right in the direction of the command. Over time you will be able to memorize it.

1. How to Customize the Excel Ribbon

Regarding command and menu customization, there are various kinds. This is done so that the display becomes more attractive. Basic Excel menu commands are even easier to understand. If you are interested, try several ways to customize the ribbon menu in Excel as follows.

To try, you don’t need to worry, because you can restore the ribbon customization settings to their defaults again. The way to restore is to go to the Customize Ribbon > Reset menu.

2. Enable Basic Customization Menu

First, enter the Customize Ribbon menu. Namely by pressing the File menu> Options. After that, a menu will appear that you can adjust, for example, if you want to add the Home menu, remove the View menu, etc.

  1. You can increase the menu and reduce it.
  2. Rename the menu and customize the contents of the commands in it.
  3. Make your own custom tabs.
  4. Give special orders according to custom.

There’s a lot that can be done with ribbon customization in this basic Excel. By entering this basic customization menu, you are free to set any display or commands in menus and commands. All things you can do as well as change the name of the menu as you wish.

3. Rename a Basic Excel Menu Quick Way

Customizing the ribbon that can be done in Excel is of course very diverse. As an easy and simple example, we will explain how to change the menu name to anything. In addition, the placement of each command can be arranged easily too.

  1. Enter the Custom Ribbon menu as before. You can enter directly by right-clicking on the menu and clicking Customize the Ribbon.
  2. Right-click on the menu you want to rename. Here is an example of changing Home to the word you want.
  3. After all is done click OK.

Look at the results, now the menu that was originally named Home has changed to that word. You can also hide the ribbon menu by clicking the triangle at the top right of the screen, expanding the formula field, removing the ruler, etc.

Changing menus and ribbon customization aims to make it easier. If this actually makes you confused, immediately reset the settings as before in the way we have given above. All basic Excel menus can be learned by self-taught easily and quickly.

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