Why Work? What is the Reason for Working?

It’s so interesting to know the reason why it should work!

Human life needs clothing, food, and boards. These three things are basic needs that must be met. Fulfillment of needs certainly cannot be obtained without effort.

Human effort to meet basic needs is work. Besides that, of course, praying and trusting is an important parts of life.

Questions about reasons for working usually arise from people who have just graduated from formal or non-formal education. However, it can also arise from people who are looking for work or dropping out of work.

Usually the question “Why work?” will be more closely related to people who have just dropped out of work. This is due to the nature of despair.

Even if you are not one of those people above, know that finding the right reason to start a job is a very important part.

This will create a comfortable side for you so that you remain cheerful even though you have a tough task. To be sure, it would be nice to consider the following reasons.

Why Work? What is the Reason for Working?
Why Work? What is the Reason for Working?

1. Why Work? To Survive

The first reason to work is to keep you alive. In living life, humans will communicate socially with society. In order for communication to run smoothly, sometimes someone chooses it by working. In this case, social relations will emerge in the form of long-term investment in the form of work relations.

The existence of work relationships can make you have many friends from a variety of different backgrounds. These differences will create a variety of atmospheres. This can make your life more colorful so that you remain strong in facing any problems that arise.

Working to survive can keep you from feeling lonely or worthless. This will bring positive energy to you. Imagine if you just stayed at home without a job. How long can it last? In fact, your life is not short. Come on, make life more enjoyable by working.

This reason is irrelevant if you have unlimited financial resources from your parents.

2. Pursuing Fulfillment of Financial Needs

The existence of primary needs makes you have to fulfill them, for example eating. Second, secondary needs, you will try to fulfill them so that you can follow the journey of life. The last is tertiary needs. This need is not that important, but as a human being, of course, there is a desire to be able to fulfill the need for luxury and branded goods.

In meeting the needs, of course, nothing is free. Every fulfillment of needs, for example, eating certainly requires money. You’ve probably read a lot of memes circulating. Man needs money, money, and money. To plant rice so you don’t have to buy rice, you will still need money to buy rice seeds.

Finances are very important, especially if you have many goals in life. Life goals will not come true if you are just lazy. Through work, you will get stimulus as well as financial provisions so that it is easier to achieve your life goals. Remember that finances are an important part of life when asking why people work.

3. One of the Embodiments of Achievement

Why should work? The stimulus for a person at work is very diverse. Another one is to pursue achievement in life. Achievements in life are not only achieved in school. Even someone who has graduated can still achieve achievements according to their goals. You do this by working according to the skills you have.

Skills possessed by a person will affect the work done. If the work is according to the abilities possessed, of course, someone, namely you, will find it very easy to do it. This convenience will lead you to work performance. Then, work performance will affect the position on the job.

Achievements and positions in a job will be directly proportional to the career that will be formed. A career built by a worker will create a positive side for him to keep moving forward. If that’s the case, of course, the best profit will return to him, apart from a salary increase, the best award, for example, a promotion, can be obtained.

The important part that you need to understand is that achievement can create respect for someone in a certain environment. The award will certainly be very beneficial for himself and others, for example, related to problem-solving. You can even be very trusted by others because of achievements or positions at work.

4. Work is One of the Worship Practices

It turns out that worship is not enough just to worship God Almighty according to one’s own beliefs. This is the reason why it should work. Worship is not only related to God but also to social life, namely as fellow beings. Worship in social life can be realized through work. How to?

The world of work is a world that will bring one human being together with another human being. Included in this is bringing you together with co-workers. The existence of social relations that are built in the world of work creates a side of social concern. Indirectly work will make you help each other.

If you have ever observed, nowadays it is very rare for work to be done individually. Almost every job requires teamwork. In relation to worship, of course, this is included in the nature of mutual help which is recommended in all religions. In order for your enthusiasm for worship to increase, then work can be the best stimulus.

In addition to the above, the spirit of working for worship can also make a person’s character more trustworthy. The appearance of trustworthiness can make a person work without harming others, let alone cheating. You can use this reason so that you have greater enthusiasm for work and worship.

5. Why Work? As The Embodiment of Identity

Not a few people feel inferior about the abilities they have. The reasons are various. It could be because it is congenital or because of pressure from the environment. On the other hand, someone who is insecure will find it very difficult to socialize in society. Especially if you live in a village and have to listen to a lot of neighbors.

As a step to anticipate that you are not included in these people, then start honing your skills. A person’s abilities will differ from one another. That difference then makes one person with another have to work together and cooperation can be done in a working forum.

Through the job you have or the job you will have, you can show your abilities there. Someone may work with the aim of showing identity. Shows his existence and that he actually has abilities that deserve thumbs up.

It’s not easy to convince someone of their own abilities. However, the world of work can lead you to make that confession. You can show your ability based on the results of the work given. If the results have been obtained, then the goal of showing who you are will be achieved.

As someone who is still given the opportunity to enjoy life, of course, this pleasure does not want to be wasted. So that it is not in vain, build useful social activities, for example by working. Good and proper work will certainly continue to bring goodness to oneself and others.

Those are some reasons why you have to work, do you have your own reasons related to life? Try to write the reason you work in the comments column!

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