The Easiest Way to Overcome Dandruff Hair

Why do you have to use the right shampoo as an anti-dandruff sambo? It is necessary to know the cause of the hair problem first. Dandruff is caused by several factors, ranging from a dirty scalp, bacteria, or fungi, or it can also be caused by wrong care.

A sign of scalp dandruff is white dirt in the hair. So that hair often feels itchy, greasy, and so on. Dandruff must be treated properly and precisely, otherwise, it can cause even worse hair and scalp problems. For this reason, see the explanation of 5 ways to deal with dandruff in the following hair.

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How to Overcome Dandruff by Keeping the Scalp Clean

The most common way before using the best shampoo is to take care of the scalp. Namely washing it frequently after activities or sweating, not sleeping anywhere, and drying your hair immediately. In these ways, it will be difficult for bacteria and fungi to grow on the scalp which is the future of dandruff.

The Easiest Way to Overcome Dandruff Hair
The Easiest Way to Overcome Dandruff Hair

1. Apply Oil to the Scalp

The second way is to prevent dandruff before it occurs. You can apply oil coconut oil, or olive oil, or use aloe vera. Of the three ingredients, choose only one. Then apply it to your scalp, and wait about 5 to 10 minutes for maximum results.

By doing it regularly in the range of one or two times a week, your scalp will not dry and grow fungus. So that itching which will cause dandruff hair also will not grow. Don’t forget after applying the oil, rinse it with clean water until nothing remains on your hair or scalp.

2. Using Natural Ingredients for Scalp Treatment

The problem with dandruff is not the hair, but the scalp. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with using natural ingredients to treat your scalp. Some natural ingredients that are believed to provide nutrition for the scalp are soursop leaves, lemons, and oranges (especially limes).

The method is the same as applying oil. No need to do excessive maintenance, you can use one of the methods above, or you can use oil or natural ingredients. With a clean and nutritious scalp, the dry and fungal scalp can be overcome.

3. Provide Enough Air

If you often use a helmet or head covering, don’t forget to open the helmet after doing activities. The goal is for air to enter the surface of the scalp and suppress fungal growth. Likewise, with the headscarf, change the headscarf at least once every two days to minimize the growth of fungus on the scalp.

4. Using a Tested Shampoo

In addition to natural ways, both prevention and treatment, a very easy way to deal with dandruff are to use an anti-dandruff shampoo. Because it has been scientifically tested based on certain research. Shampoo must contain nutrients that are very effective in preventing and eliminating dandruff.

The advantages of using it apart from being very simple are that the hair becomes nourished and soft, smells good, and of course, is pocket-friendly. You will feel a cool sensation as your hair becomes fresh and the dandruff is gone. The resulting foam makes it very effective in preventing and eliminating dandruff.

Those are some ways to deal with dandruff in your hair. Treating it with oil or natural ingredients, then rinsing (washing) using the best shampoo will produce maximum results for the nutrition of your scalp and hair.

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