How to Catch Mice That You Can Apply

Rats are disturbing pests, so a way to catch mice must be obtained immediately. These animals also like to dirty and damage furniture. Besides that, these animals also carry diseases if you don’t take them seriously. Make sure your house is clean to avoid these rodents.

Because rats like dirty, damp, and dark places. If left unchecked will multiply and become many. Because this animal is famous for its very fast breeding. So this problem must be anticipated immediately. You need to be able to drive it up to the mother, in order to prevent its development.

How to Catch Mice That You Can Apply
How to Catch Mice That You Can Apply

How to Catch Mice with a Simple Trap

Traps are used as a practical way of catching mice. No need to buy expensive you can make it yourself. With simple items that can be found around you, you can make this mouse trap. The way to make it is also not complicated to eradicate this annoying animal that carries a lot of problems. Here are some ways to make a simple mouse trap:

1. Mousetrap from a Plastic Bottle

The first way to catch mice is to use a plastic bottle. It will be easy to find plastic bottles around you. As well as a plastic bottle you will also need two pieces of wood, rubber, a baited hook, and of course the bait.

The way it works is to use an open and closed system. So when the mouse pulls the bait the bottle will automatically close and lock up the mouse inside. Very easy right?

2. Paper Mousetrap

The next way is to use paper. Surely this item will always be around you, right? The materials needed are also very easy, including waste paper, masking tape, and bait.

The way to make it is also quite easy, prepare a half circle of paper. The next thing is to give masking tape at the base of the paper. Then prepare a trash can at the bottom. This is used so that when the mouse enters the trap, the mouse will fall into the trash can.

3. Mouse Trap with Mouse Glue

The next effective way to catch mice is to use mouse glue. This method is the most commonly used by many people. Apart from that, in fact, rat glue is already widely sold in nearby stores, such as grocery stores.

The first thing you do is prepare a piece of cardboard that can be used to catch mice on it. Then place the bait right in the middle of the box. Finally, put mouse glue around the bait, and the mouse will be trapped.

4. Mouse Trap with Cutlery

Then you can use cutlery that is not used. Instead of throwing it away, you can use this cutlery to catch mice at home. The method is also quite simple, namely by preparing glass or slippery plastic cutlery.

Next, what you need is a support that is strong enough to support the cutlery. The first way to do this is to place bait so that the mouse enters the trap. After that, if the mouse has entered, the buffer is made to close automatically. Unfortunately, this method only works for 1 mouse.

How to Catch Many Mice at Once

You can’t just build a simple mousetrap to catch a single mouse. Mass mouse traps you can also make, to catch a lot. So that the mice in your house are gone. Here’s how to make mass mouse traps:

1. Mousetrap with Bucket

Instead of plastic bottles, you can also use buckets to catch mice. With this trap, more rats can be caught. Therefore, it is called a mass trap. Let’s follow the method:

a. Tools and Materials

All you need to make this trap are 4 buckets or 50-gram paint containers, wire or iron, a small hose or pipe, pieces of wood, and mouse bait.

b. Manufacturing Step

The first step is to thread the hose into the wire. Then attach it crosswise in the middle of the bucket. Make sure the pipe can rotate. Then, place the bucket in a place where rats frequently pass. After that, attach two wooden blocks to the sides of the bucket so that they are connected to a hose or gutter.

The final step is to feed the pipe. See the results tomorrow, surely the rats in your house will be trapped.

2. Rat Trap from Bamboo

The tools and materials used in this trap will not damage the environment. Because the ingredients used come from nature and are very simple. Besides that, it doesn’t require a lot of money to make it. Here’s how:

a. Tools and Materials

The necessities used include 2 bamboo, coconut shells, rope/wire glue, saws, knives, and pencils.

b. Manufacturing Step

The first thing you do is cut enough bamboo with a saw and let the other bamboo dry. Then, cut the coconut shell according to the size of the bamboo hole. Make a hole in the bamboo and coconut shell used as a trap valve.

Next, tie the coconut shell to the bamboo using wire. Also attach a coconut shell that is still intact after being split in half, so that it looks like a funnel, and glue on the bamboo to make it strong.

Install this trap tool in places where there are lots of rats. Later the rats will be trapped and more rats will enter because they see their friends inside.

How to Catch Mice with Bait

After you already know how to make a simple trap, now you have to know what bait is suitable for the trap. Because the bait is one of the most important things to make a mousetrap. Then you have to know what baits are effective for catching mice. Deadly traps are useless if you give the wrong bait.

1. Peanut Butter

Nuts and seeds are highly favored by rodents such as mice. The aroma and taste of this bait quickly invite mice to enter the trap. In addition, this material is also very easy to find.

Especially if you already have a stock of peanut butter in the fridge. How to catch mice with peanut butter bait is quite a lot of people in urban areas.

2. Salted Fish

Not only cats like salted fish, but mice also really like it. The strong aroma of this salted fish is guaranteed to lure rats into your trap.

Or you can use another solution by discussing with the cat, giving salted fish to the cat so he wants to catch mice for you. Ah, no, this is just a joke.

3. Sweet Potatoes

These sweet sweet potatoes make great bait for your mousetrap. Because rats really like sweet food. Moreover, the strong aroma of this sweet potato will certainly easily lure rats into your trap. Mice will be trapped and will not make your house dirty anymore.

Instead of using honey, chocolate, or marshmallows, using sweet potatoes sprinkled with sugar seems to be a natural and suitable solution. You are not mistaken, because this bait is often used by many people in traps.

Basically, a lot of mice need the same number of traps. Also, rats are all-eating animals, so any food can be eaten. If you just harvested, don’t forget to set a mousetrap in the barn where you store food. That’s how to catch mice, hope it helps.

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