Doubt to Start a Property Investment? This is the Richest Property Entrepreneur

It’s no secret that property is a lucrative business for entrepreneurs and investors. Therefore, it is not surprising that the richest property entrepreneurs in the world have emerged.

This is because property values continue to increase every year. That is, entrepreneurs and investors have the opportunity to earn large profits. So, who are the world’s richest property entrepreneurs?

Doubt to Start a Property Investment? This is the Richest PropertyEntrepreneur
Doubt to Start a Property Investment? This is the Richest PropertyEntrepreneur

Lee Shau Kee

Yep, Lee Shau Kee ranks first as a super-rich property entrepreneur. His net worth is listed at $30 million. Therefore, Lee Shau Kee earned the nickname of the king of real estate. Even though he is 91 years old, this Hong Kong man still founded several leading developers, such as Kwok Tak-Seng and Sun Hung Kai.

Hui Kayan

This time, the second richest property entrepreneur in the world is Hui Ka Yan. This man is a Chinese citizen with a net worth of $28.2 million. Thus, Hui Ka Yan is also the 22nd richest person in the world, you know. So, what made Hui Ka Yan gain wealth?

In fact, Hui Ka Yan founded and chaired the Evergrande Group in 1996. This is because this group is the largest real estate group and the most profitable group in China. Therefore, Hui Ka Yan managed to accumulate a fantastic value of wealth.

So, are you still unsure about starting a property investment?

Yang Huyan

Who says property entrepreneurs always come from among the adam? In fact, Yang Huiyan is the third richest property entrepreneur who comes from women, you know. His wealth reached $ 24.6 million by controlling a developer called Country Garden Holdings. In addition, this woman is also active in Bright Scholar Education Holdings in China.

Thus, a review of the world’s richest property entrepreneurs. The three of them were recorded as having fantastic turnover so they were able to collect wealth coffers of up to millions of dollars. Therefore, don’t hesitate to work with property entrepreneurs and leading developers, to make your dream of becoming the richest property entrepreneur come true.

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