Considered Sadistic! This Banned Films in Many Countries

It’s no secret that every country has different rules, including in the film industry. Therefore, you can find films that are banned for violating certain rules, such as films that are considered too sadistic. Apart from that, the prohibition is also due to the different values and norms in each country.

Asterokid friends, you must be curious about films and how they can be banned from circulation.

List of Banned Films in Many Countries

Consciously or not, every film has a message to be conveyed to the audience. Therefore, many filmmakers are competing to make phenomenal films with epic messages. Unfortunately, many countries have already banned the showing of several films in domestic cinemas. Approximately, can you guess these films?

This Banned Films in Many Countries
This Banned Films in Many Countries

1. The Exorcist

Have you ever watched The Exorcist secretly? If so, you agree that this film has been named the saddest film in the world. Therefore, various countries have reasonable reasons to blatantly reject its broadcast. Not only because of the sadistic scenes but also because of the religious values alluded to.

2. A Serbian Film

If you don’t like scenes of violence, you should never watch A Serbian Film. The reason is, this film has become one of the banned films in the world because of various sadistic sexual scenes. How come? As an illustration, A Serbian Film features scenes of rape and torture of women and children.

So, don’t be surprised if A Serbian Film has been banned until now in various countries. For example, some countries that have banned broadcasting are Brazil, Norway, and Spain. This film originates from Brazil and was produced in 2010.

3. Cannibal Holocaust

This time we will discuss the film with the most bans, namely Cannibal Holocaust which was released in 1980. This film was directed by Ruggero Deodato with intense and gripping sexual and murder scenes. Every scene looks as if it is real. Ruggero was prosecuted because he was thought to be involved in a murder case.

4. Evil Dead

Evil Dead is one of the many films that have been banned in various countries because they are considered too sadistic and disgusting. This film was released in 2013 and is categorized as a horror genre film. According to records, when Singapore showed this film in domestic cinemas, this country then forcibly stopped it.

This was followed by other countries, such as Ireland, Finland, Iceland, Germany, and others. Thus, Indonesia also banned Evil Dead because it was considered too sadistic. However, you can still watch it illegally via the internet network. However, do you still have the courage to watch it? Better not, OK?

5. The Human Centipede

When watching the film The Human Centipede, maybe you will have a different view of thriller and slasher films. This is because this film does not just show scenes of murder or torture as usual, but rather a series of kidnappings involving many people.

However, The Human Centipede has had 3 different series. If you are brave enough to watch, you can see sadistic scenes, such as the victim’s mouth being sewn to the other victim’s buttocks so that they are connected. Either way, you’re going to be sick and stuttering

Thus, the list of films is banned by various countries, including Indonesia. So, if you’ve watched these films, there’s nothing wrong with sharing your opinion in the comments column. This is because a film still has messages to convey to the audience, including films that have been banned by various countries.

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